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Chef Romy

Executive Chef

We are honoured to have Chef Romy leading the kitchen through this exciting journey. Growing up in Guyana, Romy's first steps in cooking were grounded in the simple joys of home, where family meals were a labor of love. His mom's hand-ground spices and dishes crafted on a wood-fired stove laid the foundation of his culinary journey.

Moving to Vancouver opened a world of flavors for young Romy. Eager to build on his passion, he rolled up his sleeves at Stratford Chef School in Ontario and later, the Ritz Escoffier in Paris. His European stints, including time in notable kitchens like Pierre Gagnaire and Arzak, added depth to his skills, but it's his innate warmth and team spirit that truly define him.

Romy's a firm believer in knowing where your food comes from. Whether chatting with local farmers or selecting the day's catch, he's hands-on, ensuring quality in every bite. His journey has taken him from popular spots like Cin Cin Ristorante to launching his own venture, Savory Coast.

Today, Romy leads Sidebar’s kitchen, blending the relaxed ambiance of a bistro with top-notch culinary precision. At Sidebar, it's all about balancing casual comfort with culinary excellence. When Romy’s off the clock, he cherishes quiet moments in Surrey with his wife and kids.

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As a new restaurant, we have not had the chance to fill this slot. We invite you to come and dine with us and see why it won’t take us long to start earning our place among the best of the best.

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